Vol.6 No.30, 10 August 2006

James Robertson's Latest Newsletter

JAMES ROBERTSON'S latest NEWSLETTER, No 10, July 2006 is now out and can be read in full at http://www.jamesrobertson.com/newsletter.htm

Below is a short description of some of its contents.

1. Editorial: Gordon Brown, Britain's Prime Minister-in-waiting, has a lot of homework to do. As the majority world increasingly resents the inefficiencies and injustices of the present global financial system, and as new economic powers like China, India and oil-rich Russia flex their financial muscles, the effects on Britain could be serious.

2. A new 12-page paper on Land Value Taxation and how it can underpin a new political philosophy based on sharing the value of "common resources" is now available on the website.

3. Did you realise that the board game "Monopoly" should be promoting the ideas of land value taxation? Find out more about the purchase undertaking that's been ignored.

4. Derek Wall has written an excellent book about the economics of the anti-capitalist movement and "how a fairer and a more ecologically sustainable world can be created". You can read what I like about the book - and also what my reservations are.

5. Professor Mary Mellor has written an splendid paper about how it is vital for socialists to have a clear analysis of how and why money systems operate as they do, and to develop clearly thought out alternatives.

6. I give details of a new website which shows how the European Union budget contributions of Eurozone member states could be more than fully financed by the European Central Bank if monetary reform was implemented in the Eurozone.

7. As peer to peer (P2P) production becomes a new mode of production, governance, and property, it may affect our political economy in unprecedented ways.

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